Driver Fatigue

Do you realize the risk you take when you choose to drive tired?  When was the last time you hit the road and your eye lids were heavy and you find yourself fighting to stay alert?

  • 21% of automobile accidents are related to fatigue resulting in loss of life and life altering accidents
  • driving drowsy can be the equivalent of driving impaired
  • 1/3 of drivers have reported falling asleep at the wheel.

Learn to recognize warning signs; Driver fatigue isn't just for long-haul truckers.  Learn practical ways to reduce this risk for yourself and others on the road. 

Dog Bite Prevention

Any breed can bite.  There are over 4.5 million dog bites in the US, per year.  Recognize signs and signals that your dog is stressed.

  • Children are most frequently injured by a dog bite, often a bite to the face
  • it is YOUR home insurance that is affected if your dog bites another person
  • a dog bite can result in losing your family pet

Protect your family, and others.  Reduce the risk.  Be proactive and make a difference.


Residential Fire Prevention

House fires have a devastating impact on the lives of those impacted.   Memories lost, property destruction, lives forever altered.  Many fires affecting home owners are preventable.

  • cooking unattended
  • combustible materials too close to a heat source
  • failure to properly maintain dryer vents or furnace
  • bbq safety

Learn the preventable measures you can take to increase the safety of your home and family to effectively reduce the risk.


Saving money is no accident

Insurance premiums are based on the AVERAGE consumer, age, claims history and location.  My Insurance for Less lets you demonstrate to your existing insurance provider that you are not the 'average'.

Learn how you can reduce risk.

  1. Purchase a course and complete the test
  2. Present certificate to participating insurance provider
  3. Save money on your yearly premium*
*premium discount based on your specific provider`s incentive.



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